Safe, Scalable and Permanent Carbon Sequestration

Tackling the hardest to decarbonise industries whilst supporting ocean health

There are currently no industrial, large-scale negative emissions technologies (NETs) that can meaningfully address the need to sequester the 10 to 20 billion tonnes/year (Gt/y) of CO2 that the IPCC advises is required to keep the mean temperature rise over the Earth within 1.5°C.  It’s a very tough goal.

The few technologies that already sequester CO2 are currently orders of magnitude too small to address our needs. The leading contender today, oilfield CCS achieved only 0.04 Gt/y in 2020.

Society urgently needs to address this shortfall and develop multiple technologies that can be easily duplicated and implemented around the world.

The Cquestr8 process will both sequester CO2 leveraging natures largest carbon sink and, at the same time, provide ocean ecosystem co-benefits through the deployment of marine bicarbonate.

We need to draw down the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere

and the oceans to achieve the UN’s SDG13 and avert an existential threat. Reducing these in parallel
would then heal both land- and ocean-based natural systems, improving the lives of people everywhere.